About Poi Dogs

Marsha Sakamaki is the owner of The Wellness Center Hawaii. An avid dog lover, she has three dogs, Riley, Papi and Max. After a successful career as a CPA, she was presented with the opportunity to open Poi Dogs Day Care & Boarding. Marsha is passionate about providing a safe and enriching environment for your dog.

Poi Dogs Day Care is owned and operated by Donna Heu.  Her love of working with dogs for the past 10 years has led her to take her passion and share it with our community.  Donna opened Poi Dogs Day Care & Boarding with a goal of creating a learning environment for people and dogs.  Poi Dogs Day Care is a place where families can have peace of mind and where dogs can come to run, play and learn with all the comforts and safety of a home environment.

Corey Fellezs, is a Dog Trainer/Instructor, a Certified Pet Care Technician and the Manager of Poi Dogs Day Care.  She has worked with dogs for 8 years and is interested in the education, training and the well being of pet dogs and their owners.  Corey is also a varsity athletic coach and certified in Human and Dog CPR/First Aid.

Chelsey Kekahuna Kalaukoa worked with large packs of dogs for 2 years before opening and operating her own small daycare company from 2010-2012. Chelsey studied behavioral psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and wrote “Isolation vs Socialization” a study of dog behavior. She is a certified lifeguard/instructor at Manoa District Park and owns a 3 year old pomeranian/papillon named Kaia.

Stephani Mendez was born in Dallas, Texas and has had dogs all her life.  She has trained horses and taught all levels of horse riding for 10 years before working with dogs.  Stephani moved to Hawaii in February of 2012 and has been working with dogs ever since.  “I am so grateful for being given the opportunity to do what I love, and that’s working with animals.  They truly are the best!”